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   Milan Jovanovic, also known by yoga name as Maha, is a British artist and photographer with roots in Croatia, Italy and Brazil.

  He was trained in School of Applied Arts and Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia, in subjects of drawing, sculpture and painting.

  Later he continued studying in old masters in Rome, Italy, and became a traveling artist around Europe: Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, painting mostly classical art, murals and portraits.

   While in Brazil he introduced digital art made in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Popular illustrations are Chakras and Yantras, Flower of Life, Buddha and Krishna images and Meditation and Therapy Art in general.

   In UK he invested more time in photography: Portraits, Fashion, Art Nudes, Landscapes, Flowers, Food and Product. He has a studio in north London. Lightroom became an essential tool for photo editing.

   Sensiart.com started as an project, which later included massage therapy.

   Massage therapy developed into separate UK Thai Yoga Massage and Chair Massage projects. Please check the links.

   Sensiart.co.uk  includes paintings, photography and digital art. Most of a digital art are Yantras, meditation symbols that represent the universe.

   You're welcome to book a photo shoot or massage, order a painting or a print.

Please text, WhatsApp or email Milan for details. 

   Thank you.

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